13 Apr 2012
April 13, 2012

Why Build Green

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1. Third-party verification ensures your house is operating the way it was designed. We often find walls that aren’t insulated properly, missed air sealing, bath fans that don’t work, crimped ductwork and mechanical equipment operating at a fraction of it’s efficiency. Make sure you get what you’re paying for. Installers send their best work crews to pass our inspections and testing. If systems don’t meet the criteria, we’ll advise installers on how to fix problems up front while they’re still on-site.
» Find out the 5 most common problems our inspections uncover

2. Green home certification backed by national standards. LEED, NGBS, ENERGY STAR and Indoor airPLUS are nationally recognized standards developed with a consensus-based process including leaders in the residential green home building field. They are above code requirements based on years of research in building science and how homes perform.

3. Lower energy bills. We focus on energy efficiency and bringing your heating and cooling demand down as low as possible. Many Everyday Green homes are 40% or more energy efficient than comparable new construction homes using our recommendations for insulation levels, efficient equipment and design considerations. All of this leads to lower energy bills and improved comfort.

4. A healthier home. A home that is well insulated and air sealed reduces opportunities for toxins to enter the home. All green certified homes must meet strong ventilation guidelines for improved indoor air quality, and you can earn many points for selecting healthy materials. Better insulation also helps reduce street noise and make for a quiet, peaceful living environment.

5. Build the greenest home you can afford. Everyday Green will help you prioritize your green upgrades, and can provide a cost-benefit of each green feature you are considering. We’ve found the secret to green building success isn’t spending more, it’s about integrating all the best practices in the industry and installing everything correctly.

Whether you’re seeking to build a solid home with standard features or incorporate new technologies, we’re working on all types of projects incorporating many different types of products. We have experience with geothermal, radiant flooring, SIPs contruction, green roofs, spray foam insulation, passive design, PV solar panels, solar water heating, tankless water heaters, and much more.

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